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Your Family Pharmacist

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Pharmacy Claeys in Antwerp, your family pharmacist

Patients with chronic ailments can choose a family pharmacist to assist them in their medication usage with personal advice and a plan for all of the medications they use. If you have to use medication for a long time, you can choose a family pharmacist. This is especially beneficial if you take several medications per day.

What does a home pharmacy do?

  • Has a full overview of your medication
  • Creates a medication schedule for you
  • Adjusts your medication schedule for every change
  • Guarantees you personal advice
  • Works together with your doctor and other caretakers
  • Acts as a contact person for all information about your medication

Benefits of a medication schedule

  • Offers a full and trustworthy overview of all the medications you take, including prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter medications
  • Contains all useful information regarding every medication, including dosage and the times at which it should be taken
  • Helps you take your medicine correctly and improves your quality of care
  • Can be shared by your home pharmacy with your other caretakers

What do I need to do?

Sign an agreement with your pharmacy of choice. This includes two items of consent:


  • Permission to exchange your health details with your other caretakers electronically.
  • Permission to access a full overview of your treatment via your pharmaceutical dossier and to keep this dossier on hand.

Good to know

  • You can always change your family pharmacist and still pick up your medication at any pharmacy.
  • You can always end the agreement with your family pharmacist.

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