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Pharmacy on call

Pharmacy on call

Outside of normal opening hours, the pharmacist is on call and at your disposal.

Daytime from 9:00 to 22:00
Nighttime from 22:00 to 9:00

Pharmacy on call varies depending on the pharmacy. For security reasons, it’s possible that, in the evening and in the middle of the night, the pharmacist will serve you from a hatch. is an efficient resource to find Pharmacy on call closest to you. Download the free app on the website so you can quickly find the nearest Pharmacy on call.


Useful numbers

  • Ambulance/fire department: 100
  • Police: 101
  • Child and youth hotline: 102
  • Red Cross: 105
  • Tele-Onthaal: 106
  • European emergency number: 112
  • Suicide hotline: 1813
  • Child Focus: 116000
  • Child abuse and violence hotline: 1712
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: 03 239 14 15
  • Poison center: 070 245 245
  • Burn center: 03 217 75 95
  • Drug hotline: 078 15 10 20
  • Cancer hotline: 0800 15 800



Useful websites

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