Pharmacy Claeys BV Croket

Quinten Matsijslei 11
2018 Antwerpen


Veerle Claeys

Veerle Claeys


An Decan

An Decan


Esti Wiederkehr

Esti Wiederkehr

Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant

Pharmacy Claeys in Antwerp, Healthy mind in a healthy body

For Pharmacy Claeys in Antwerp, the personal guidance and support of our customers is very important. We want to solve every health problem or question according to your personal situation.

Our team of competent pharmacists will assist you in work and deed. Based on our many years of expertise and scientific knowledge, we can advise you on good health or recovery. Always ask us for advice and detailed explanations.

At Pharmacy Claeys in Antwerp you will find a wide range of medicines and care products. We have all current medication in stock, both on prescription and without prescription.

In addition we offer you a very wide range of natural products and nutritional supplements. You can also contact us for cosmetics and skincare for all ages. You will find many quality products and brands in our range.

Online Pharmacy Claeys

In addition to the service and advice in our pharmacy, we want to make it easier for you through our online services. You can place your orders and make your reservations on our website.

You can upload your prescription on our website. You upload the prescription on the contact page by scanning it or taking a photo with your mobile. You can also enter the BEP code from your prescription. We will then receive your prescription and prepare the medication and products. We will notify you by text message when the medication is ready.

Also watch our instructional videos for the proper use of inhalers, etc…

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