Pharmacy Claeys BV Croket

Quinten Matsijslei 11
2018 Antwerpen

In-house Preparations

In-house preparations and personalized treatment when a standard solution is insufficient

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Pharmacy Claeys has mastered the art of preparing medication. This expertise continues to develop in line with the latest technology and contemporary methods. We specialize in magistral prescriptions.  This is our craft! For both your health and your wallet, this is a great asset.

A magistral prescription is a customized treatment focused on the specific needs of the patient. Whether this is a cream, a capsule, a syrup, or a suppository, the medication is carefully prepared in the pharmacy and is often less expensive than the regular medication on the market.

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Some patients are allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients in a medication. Other patients find it difficult to swallow pills. Sometimes, people have highly specific needs that can’t always be addressed with standard solutions. In such cases, we make a custom medication, a treatment that is wholly adapted to the needs of the patient: a magistral prescription.

Pharmacy Claeys in Antwerp has the necessary expertise to prepare such customized medication, based on your doctor’s prescription. Inside the pharmacy, we prepare your personalized treatment based on strict regulations and precise formulas that have been approved scientifically.

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