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Quinten Matsijslei 11
2018 Antwerpen


Perfect care for face, skin, body, and hair

Which brand with what qualities is the best for me? What is the best product for my hair type? Which products are least likely to cause an allergic reaction?

These are questions that both men and women, old and young, regularly struggle with.

Different cosmetic brands have a wide range of self-care products. The cosmetic products in our pharmacy are manufactured according to strict codes of the pharmaceutical industry and are checked systematically.

Ask Pharmacy Claeys for advice and we’ll give you the correct assistance for the perfect care for your body.


Your baby deserves the best care

There they are – the long-awaited baby and the happy parents. It goes without saying that we want to give mom and dad the correct advice for their little ones in figuring out how to give their child a strong, healthy start to life.

Baby food/nutrition, care products for both baby and mother, and consultations about the development of your child are just a few of the many possibilities that are offered to you. A wide range of products have been developed that perfectly fit the needs of our children and our mothers.

Pharmacy Claeys in Antwerp and our employees are ready and eager to guide your family on the road to good health. It is our ultimate goal that every child has their best possible chance to live a happy and active life.


Comfortable living with homecare

Homecare is becoming increasingly important. People in need of care generally prefer to receive it in their own home environments. It’s completely normal to enjoy a life that is as comfortable as possible with the highest level of care in a familiar setting.

Are you a person in need of care that wants to be cared for in your own, familiar  surroundings? Pharmacy Claeys is ready to help you in your search for the right resources and support.

Homecare equipment is easy to deliver from our pharmacy. Ask us for free advice without obligations.

Pharmacy Claeys in Antwerp provides you with all of the necessary advice to live at home as comfortably as possible. Come by the pharmacy to ask all of your questions.


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